Backup your photos and videos

Open source and privacy-friendly


Why Sepia?

Privacy, for everyone

Privacy shouldn't only be available to technical people with a ton of spare time who are willing to compromise on convenience and functionality.

Secure & open source

Everything you store with us is securely stored in multiple encrypted copies across two data centres. We have taken great care to ensure the security of our system and the best part is, you don't have to take our word for it because everything we do is open-source.


We're designing a grandma friendly app for all platforms, because privacy shouldn't sacrifice usability. It auto-uploads your photos and videos, keeping it easy to view, download, and share.


$3.29 CAD /month

Store 100GB/30,000* photosSuited to store your many selfies


$4.39 CAD /month

Store 200GB/65,000* photosSafeguard your life's memories


$10.29 CAD /month

Store 500GB/165,000 photosPerfect for many high quality images and videos

Contact Us

General support questions? Contact [email protected]
Sebastian Gale[email protected]

Hi, I'm building Sepia because people deserve to have a choice that is ethical and supports their privacy. I have 7+ years of experience in both software development and business so I'm going to build a better service, because someone should.

*Number of photos is a conversative estimate calculated using an average of 3MB per photo